Find PWC & Floating Boat Docks in Orlando & Daytona Florida

With a temperate climate and enough shoreline to go around, Florida is a boater’s paradise. If you’re lucky enough to have your own backyard resort at home, it only makes sense that you’ll spend a lot of time in and around the water or on a boat. With this in mind, a floating boat dock might be just the thing your Orlando or Daytona shoreline needs to truly be complete. Let PolyDock help you put the finishing touches on your waterfront real estate with a floating dock system built to fit you.

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What is the warranty on the floating boat docks?

PolyDock Products is committed to providing you with the best floating dock experience you could ask for. You don’t stay in business for over 45 years without providing high-quality products and maintaining a reputation for spectacular customer service. To this end, we have a warranty policy for the unlikely event that your floating dock system doesn’t meet your expectations or our promises. 

If you are the original purchaser of a PolyDock floating dock system, PolyDock will warrant that the products and parts are free from defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty begins on the date of purchase as listed on the receipt or invoice and isn’t transferable or assignable.

You can register your PolyDock Products purchase of dock, PWC port, and/or accessories for full warranty coverage. You’ll get a free gift for registering your purchase as well. All you’ll need to provide is the dealer and product information, which will be on your receipt or invoice.

View PolyDock Products’ complete product warranty details.

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What types of floating boat docks are available in Orlando and Daytona, Florida?

There’s no shortage of saltwater and freshwater shorelines in Orlando and Daytona, Florida, which means that there’s no one floating dock system that fits each boater. Some Floridians want a simple walkway to their boat, while others need their boat dock to act as an extension of their home and outdoor entertaining space. No matter your needs and priorities, PolyDock has floating boat dock systems that can meet your needs and evolve with you as those needs change.

PolyDock makes floating boat dock modules and floating PWC docking platforms designed to look great and perform well on all types of water, as well as ramps, gangways, and accessories to support the use of the docking systems. There are even twelve different anchoring options to work with, meaning your floating dock will remain in place no matter what your water throws at you.

What materials are used to construct the floating boat docks? 

Each floating boat dock system and floating dock for jet ski from PolyDock is rotationally molded from marine-grade polyethylene. Polyethylene looks great on your waterfront, stands up to the rigors of marine life, and performs beautifully. The tan-colored polyethylene feels great on your bare feet, even in the Florida summer, because it actively and passively reflects damaging UV rays. This durability also makes them one of the more environmentally friendly floating boat dock options because they won’t leach harmful chemicals into the water. 

And because they’re floating docks that use anchors, their impact on the bottom underneath the dock system is minimally affected as well. Because the modules are rotationally molded, there aren’t any seams or weak points in the modules that could become damaged from the impact. The insides of the dock modules are also hollow, which means there isn’t any foam inside of them to potentially get into the water in the unlikely event of a puncture. The uniform construction of PolyDock modules allows for easy connection between them.

Do you offer installation services for the floating boat docks?

PolyDock offers installation services for floating boat dock system owners who are more comfortable having professionals handle the job. We actually recommend professional installation services if you’re a first-time dock owner to ensure you know how the process works before tackling any future seasons or projects.

At the same time, PolyDock systems are low-maintenance and easy to own, making them very easy to install on your own if you’re a confident DIYer. You can install and connect PolyDock modules and accessories with the tools you can find in your standard home toolbox and help from one or more other adults. A PolyDock system can typically be installed within a day, but with help, the process can go faster and smoother. Installation instructions for all PolyDock products can be found on our website.

Your local Orlando and Daytona PolyDock dealer can help answer any floating dock installation questions you might have. Your dealer can also get you the help and installation services needed to start your new PolyDock system off properly. Whether you need a few pointers over the phone or full installation services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with PolyDock!


How long is the typical lifespan of a floating boat dock in Orlando and Daytona?

Luckily, Orlando and Daytona have a temperate climate, which bodes well for the lifespan of your typical floating dock. The bigger sticking point will be whether your shoreline has saltwater or freshwater. Saltwater is brackish and more corrosive than freshwater, so floating boat docks with many metal components in the water can suffer more damage over time. However, the difference is negligible with PolyDock products, which are made from rotationally molded polyethylene designed for marine conditions and require minimal maintenance. Your PolyDock residential floating dock system should last as long as your boat does, if not longer.


Are there any special care instructions for boat docks in the Orlando-Daytona climate?

Your PolyDock system is designed to be low maintenance no matter what water it sits in. The polyethylene in PolyDock systems is rotationally molded to resist impact damage. The polymers are treated to be UV-resistant, which makes them comfortable to walk on and long-lasting even in the Sunshine State. Other than performing periodic inspections and ensuring the dock is securely anchored or removed from the water before inclement weather strikes, there isn’t much else you need to do to care for PolyDock systems.


Can I expand or modify my floating boat dock in the future?

You can! PolyDock products are designed to be highly customizable, from the anchorage system to the accessories and how they’re connected. If your fleet expands or your needs change, your floating boat dock system can grow and change with you. PolyDock products are highly configurable and allow for maximum floating dock versatility.



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