Find Dock Dealers in Wisconsin: Floating Docks & PWC Docks

From fishing to jet skiing, there are so many things to do on Wisconsin’s many lakes. Let PolyDock help you create the perfect waterfront system to help you dive into what you enjoy most. Don’t wait too long—fall will be here before you know it.

Are the floating docks and PWC docks customizable?

PolyDock’s floating dock systems are customizable. The modules can be connected along their perimeters in many different layouts, and the compatible dock accessories can be attached similarly. Customization is a simple process because attaching these components doesn’t require specialized equipment—you can use tools in your toolbox at home or in your cottage. 

This also applies to the PWC docks and lifts. You can even change the layout if you expand or downsize on your dock system or acquire new hobbies that require new accessories. Different types of anchorage systems for floating docks can accommodate different bottom conditions. Regardless of your specific requirements, timeline, or preferences, a PolyDock system can be fully customized to align with your unique lifestyle.

Boat dock with chairs and umbrella

What types of floating docks and PWC docks are available from the dealers in Wisconsin? 

Wisconsin boaters and their local PolyDock dealers have full access to our complete catalog of floating dock and PWC docks. This includes a range of PolyDock floating dock modules, connectors, anchorage, and accessories to fully customize your waterfront system. If you’re looking for a floating dock for jet ski, Wisconsin dealers can point you toward ShorePort, HydroPort Epic, HydroPort Extreme, and HydroPort Pro. Each PWC docking platform has different weight capacities and size specifications to suit your Jet Ski, Waverunner, Sea-Doo, or other personal watercraft.

What materials are used to construct the floating docks and PWC docks? 

The waterfront industry is full of floating dock systems that are made from a range of materials. At PolyDock, however, our floating dock modules are made of tan, UV-resistant polyethylene. The powder we use is heated up, rotationally molded into the final shape, and popped out of the mold when it cools. This process ensures that PolyDock modules are consistent, resistant to impact damage due to the lack of seams, easy to install, and hollow on the inside. This creates an environmentally friendly dock durable enough to withstand Wisconsin’s variable weather patterns and seasonal changes.


Do the dealers offer installation services for the floating docks and PWC docks?

Yes. PolyDock dock dealers can give you a hand when you’re installing your floating dock system. In fact, we recommend this service for first-time dock owners without installation experience. Even for experienced individuals in boat dock installation, a certain peace of mind comes with having professionals work on your dock system. It might be worth the investment to have professionals handle the installation, allowing you to focus on enjoying your boating season without the hassle of hauling everything out yourself each year.

For confident DIYers, installing your PolyDock boat dock without professional help is possible. The dock modules are fully assembled right out of the mold. All you need to do is connect the modules to other modules, the gangway, or the ramp you plan to use with your system. The process is simple and only requires connectors and tools you probably already have in your toolbox.



How do I prepare my floating dock or PWC dock for the Wisconsin winter?

PolyDock products are built to withstand the ice and extreme cold, which means that wintering your floating dock or PWC docks for lakes that freeze is relatively simple. Any ice pressure will push the dock upward on top of the water rather than inward on itself, which means that your dock system is unlikely to break in extremely cold weather. For regions with ice pressure ridges or ice movement, you’ll need to remove the piles or pipes supporting your dock to keep them from bending under the strain. If this is the case, you’ll either want to remove your dock from the water completely until the weather gets nicer or secure it to something sturdy on the shore with enough slack to allow it to move freely.


Are there any local dealerships where I can see the docks in person before purchasing?

You can find a PolyDock dealer in Wisconsin that can not only allow you to see docks in person but also talk you through what features and dock accessories would work best for how you’re planning to use the dock. Get in touch with your local dealer through our website to get started.


How does the warranty process work for floating docks and PWC docks in Wisconsin?

PolyDock’s warranty coverage begins the day your floating dock or PWC dock is purchased (the date on your receipt or invoice). This warranty covers the original purchasing customer that the parts and products are free from defects in materials and workmanship. There are some variations depending on what specific product you purchase, though. Your Wisconsin PolyDock dealer can tell you more about the particulars.



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