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There aren’t a lot of products on the market that are more versatile than a PolyDock Floating Dock System. Well, maybe a Swiss Army Knife is more versatile than PolyDock, maybe.

We can only imagine that if you are reading this blog post, you already know at least a little bit about the wide range of modular floating dock sections, ShorePort drive-on personal watercraft storage platforms, and related accessories that make up the total list of products available from PolyDock Products. If you ended up here and you have no idea how you got here, we want to genuinely welcome you to this first post of the PolyDock Products Blog. We hate to admit it, but we’re also crossing our fingers that you or someone you know owns some waterfront property, and it would be a huge bonus if you are also in the market for a new dock system, or have recently purchased a PWC.

If you are in the first boat of people reading this, as in you already know a little bit about PolyDock Products, great, we hope that you’ll search our site, and subscribe to our blog to continue to learn even more. If you are in the boat with the second group of people reading this, we hope that the humble PolyDock Products website, along with this blog will be enough to encourage you to find your own little slice of waterfront heaven (heaven as in property), and install the PolyDock floating dock system of your dreams.

So where were we again? Oh yeah, what’s more, versatile than a PolyDock Floating Dock System? Well, when it comes to floating docks, not much.

Aren’t all modular floating docks versatile?

If you’ve been researching modular floating docks, you’ve likely run across the word “versatile” in reference to nearly every brand of floating dock on the market. In general, floating docks are one of the most versatile styles of dock systems that you can purchase. That’s because floating docks generally fit a wide range of applications, are highly configurable, easy to install, easy to maintain, and are highly durable. Notice we said “generally”. That’s because not all floating docks fit within the concept of versatility. Think about traditional wooden floating docks and some aluminum floating docks, they may fit a wide range of floating dock applications, but they may be difficult to assemble, install and maintain, they may be unstable, and they may not give you the dock layout options that you desire. Now think about other modular floating dock systems similar to PolyDock. Not all of them can say that they fit the complete concept of versatility either.

PolyDock Products, however, do fit all of the elements of a versatile dock system, and here’s why:

Wide Range of Applications 
PolyDock floating dock systems are a great choice for residential installations, commercial marina systems, and municipal waterfront dock projects because of their superior stability, configurability, ease of installation, low maintenance requirements, and durability. This makes them a great choice for any waterfront property owner who wants or needs an attractive, stable floating dock system. Check out the applications page to learn more about Suitable Applications for PolyDock Products.

Superior Stability 
The secret to PolyDock’s strength and stability is that the connectors allow the entire dock system to act in unison to reduce individual dock section movement due to waves. When you walk on a PolyDock floating dock system you’ll notice that the entire dock layout feels very firm and rigid. This rigidity creates PolyDock’s superior stability even in waves.

PolyDock is designed to be highly configurable. The full-length connectors and modular sections allow you to create nearly any dock layout that you desire. Plus the dock system can be easily reconfigured later.

Easy Installation
Installing a PolyDock floating dock system is a super simple process. With easy-to-read instructions and really minimal assembly, a typical dock system can be installed in less than a day by just a couple of people. Visit the PolyDock Products Instructions page and take a quick read through our PolyDock assembly and installation instructions and you’ll get a good idea of just how easy it is to install PolyDock and ShorePort.

Low Maintenance
All that’s required of PolyDock to keep it looking new is an occasional washing. Other maintenance items include easy tasks like inspecting and tightening connectors as necessary.

PolyDock are rotationally molded. This is the same process that is used to make whitewater kayaks and even some boat hulls. This process ensures great consistency and durability of each PolyDock floating dock section. UV inhibitors and a light tan color keep each section looking great for years. We’ve been manufacturing PolyDock and ShorePort since 1998 and you can still see many of those first dock sections and ShorePorts in use today.

Why should I choose a PolyDock floating dock system?

You should choose a PolyDock because it is one of the most versatile dock systems you can buy. If you need a floating dock system, you owe it to yourself to truly research the benefits and versatility of a PolyDock floating dock system before you buy any dock system. A floating dock system can be used nearly anywhere that a roll-in or standing style dock system can be used. They are perfect for a wide range of applications, offer superior stability, can be configured in nearly any layout imaginable, are super easy and affordable to install, offer low maintenance which reduces your total cost of ownership, and are a proven, time-tested, incredibly durable product offering you a great value in both initial purchase price and in total ownership satisfaction.

So, what’s more versatile, the PolyDock, or a Swiss Army Knife?

We’re going to go a little tongue-in-cheek here and say that the PolyDock beats the Swiss Army knife in terms of versatility. As proof, we offer you this list of things that a PolyDock or ShorPort can do that a Swiss Army knife cannot. Take a look at the list below, and then feel free to add your own suggestions or proof of PolyDock’s versatility, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Things that PolyDock and/or ShorePort can do that a Swiss Army knife cannot do:

  • Offer you a stable platform that allows you to moor and access your boat or pontoon in navigable water depths.
  • Use as a marina to offer permanent and transient slip space for boaters.
  • Allow you to store, and operate a fleet of rental personal watercraft.
  • Offer enough stability and accessories to allow you to mount a bench or dock furniture to create an outdoor living space on the water.
  • Allow you to create a work platform for a number of job-specific applications.
  • Adjust to changing water depths to keep your entire dock system at the perfect height and freeboard.
  • Give you a great place to fish, swim, and relax on the water.
  • Use as a trail system around your property that allows you to cross ponds, streams, and rivers.

Actually, we think the Swiss Army Knife is a pretty versatile tool, and while the Swiss Army knife probably cannot actually do the items listed above, it can probably help you do them. In fact, if the list were reversed, we wouldn’t have enough room to list all of the things that a Swiss Army can do.

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