Floating Boat Docks & PWC Ports for Sale in Southern MN

Southern Minnesota is one of many places where PolyDock sells floating docks and jet ski docks. If you’re in the Southern MN area, you might have some questions. Luckily, we have the answers you’re looking for and the dock system built to fit your needs.

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Are there any regulations or permits required for installing a floating boat dock and PWC port in Southern MN? 

For residential owners, installing a floating dock system requires no particular permits. However, there are some rules and regulations that you should follow, which may include:

  • Your dock system isn’t wider than 8 feet
  • Your dock system is sized exactly to your needs without exceeding the permitted dimensions
  • Your dock isn’t combined with any other structures that exceed the allowable size limit
  • Your dock does not pose any hazard to navigation, health, or safety
  • Your dock system allows for sufficient water flow underneath your dock system
  • Your dock adheres to all other rules and regulations specific to your location

How do I choose the right size and type of floating boat dock and PWC port for my needs?

To ensure that your floating boat dock system and PWC port meet your specific needs, start with your waterfront. When selecting a floating boat dock, consider several factors, including the slip size or space you have to work with, the water conditions specific to your area, and the activities you plan to do on your dock and in the water. Questions like these help you determine if you need a simple walkway out to your boat or if you want to build an outdoor entertainment space as an extension of your home. 

As for the PWC port, you must consider your watercraft's size, shape, and wet weight. Different sizes and hull shapes require different ports to accommodate them. PWC ports and lifts are built with very precise weight capacities in mind. Not only should you think about the dry weight listed in your PWC’s spec sheet, but also factors such as the fuel, additional items you bring on your outings, and a margin of error. If you need suggestions or more ideas, your local PolyDock dealer can help you determine the right size and type of floating boat dock system and PWC port for your needs.

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Can I install a floating boat dock and PWC port myself, or do I need professional help?

If you're an experienced DIYer, installing your floating boat dock and PWC port on your own can be tempting. But the best part about PolyDock systems is that you can install these components yourself! You can ask some friends to help you set up your system if that’s your preference. Whether you are new to installing a floating dock for your jet ski or other-sized boat or prefer to have professional assistance, an authorized PolyDock dealer can provide valuable installation support.


How does the climate of Southern MN differ in terms of boat dock and PWC port maintenance from Northern MN?

The climate isn’t too different between the locations, although Southern MN gets less snow and extreme weather than Northern MN. That doesn’t mean much when it comes to boat dock and PWC port maintenance, though. No matter where you live, regular inspections, special considerations for winter weather, and more will impact boaters in Northern and Southern MN about the same. Your local PolyDock dealer can give you more insight into any particulars you need to know, including docks for lakes that freeze.


Are there any special offers for repeat customers in Southern MN?

Your local PolyDock dealer will be able to help you more with special offers or discounts. Talk to your Southern MN PolyDock dealer for more information when it’s time to upgrade your system.


How do I prepare my floating boat dock and PWC port for winter in Southern MN?

Preparation will depend on whether you plan to leave your residential floating dock system or PWC port in the water or remove it. Leaving it in the water requires minimal prep — PolyDock products can withstand extreme cold, and ice pressure will push the dock upward on the water's surface rather than crush it from the sides. However, if your area is prone to ice pressure ridges or ice movement, you must remove the pipes or pilings supporting your system so they don’t become damaged. Your dock must be tied off on something secure on the shore with enough slack in the line to allow for movement. You can also completely remove your boat dock from the water and wait until more hospitable weather to reinstall it.


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