Each PolyDock modular floating dock section consists of a polyethylene single cavity, hollow, non-foam-filled float structure that consists of an integrated deck surface and flotation. The deck surface features a herringbone brick pattern, the spaces between each molded brick are no greater than 3/8″ wide and 1/2″ deep and allow for water drainage from the deck surface. Each brick in the herringbone pattern is approximate 4″ x 8″ except where the full brick pattern is not feasible as part of the pattern. Dock sections have a nominal wall thickness of .250 inches. Due to manufacturing tolerances in the rotational molding process, actual weights and dimensions may vary slightly from those listed below.


3 x 10 PolyDock Section

4 x 6 PolyDock Section

4 x 10 PolyDock Section

5 x 10 PolyDock Section

6 x 8 Poly Dock Section

4′ Corner PolyDock Section

Length 123.7″ 72.7″ 123.7" 123.7" 101.7″ Dimensions: 50.5″ x 50.5″ x 71.48
Width  36.4″   50.9″ 50.9"  65.5″ 72.7″  
Height 16.0″ 16.0″ 16.0″ 16.0″ 16.0″ 16.0″
Actual Weight 200 lbs. 160 lbs. 265 lbs 340 lbs. 330 lbs. 110 lbs.
Section Capacity 1,875 lbs
1,550 lbs
2,625 lbs  3,375 lbs 3,075 lbs 225 lbs. w/ 8″ freeboard

 Note: Due to manufacturing tolerances in the rotational molding process actual weights and dimensions may vary.

Material Specifications:

The Polyethylene material shall meet the following properties: 1. 100% Polyethylene. 2. Has an ultraviolet inhibitor (UV-8) to protect from the sun. 3. The Polyethylene has tensile yield strength of 3,410 psi as per ASTM 638. 4. The Polyethylene has a low temperature impact of 160 ft-lbs (foot pounds) as per the ARM test method (Association of Rotational Molding) The ARM test method has been used since 1995 when the ASTM D3029 was made obsolete.


Freeboard under dead load shall be 14.50 inches +/- 1”. Freeboard under dead load plus 30 pounds per square foot shall not be less than 8 inches.

Deck Surface:

The deck surface has a herringbone brick pattern. The gaps between bricks are no greater than 3/8” wide and 1/2” deep. The gaps are provided for water drainage from the deck surface. The bricks are approximately 4” x 8”. The surface also has a 550 shotpeen finish to provide added anti-slip to the deck surface.


Inserts are 3/8” blind brass inserts spaced 1.75”. These are intended for use with 8” poly cleats

Cross Section Detail:

Dock sections have a nominal wall thickness of .25 inches.

Bottom Detail:

4’ x 10’ Shown:

Standard Connections:

Connections are designed so that units can be disconnected and moved. Connections are designed to transfer loads applied due to any combination of vertical and horizontal forces.


All POLYDOCK sections have a hydrophobic vent plug to eliminate ballooning of the dock.

Anchoring Options:

POLYDOCK has anchoring options for a variety of site specific applications. Check out our anchoring page for more information. 


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