Installing a PolyDock system is straightforward and enjoyable, with detailed guidelines facilitating a faster setup than anticipated. No special tools are needed to assemble PolyDock sections or add accessories via the Accessory Connection Plates. After setup, a simple inspection for secure connections is all that's needed before you start enjoying your new PolyDock product.


Opt for the PolyDock floating dock system for its convenience, and enjoy more time on the water instead of maintaining a traditional dock. PolyDock Products are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and require less upkeep. The modular composite sections resist rot and corrosion even in harsh marine conditions, saving you time and effort. All connectors are made from a low-maintenance composite material that enhances the dock's stability under various waterfront conditions.


Our PolyDock system, developed nearly 20 years ago, prioritizes superior stability. We've designed it with a firm decking surface and stability-enhancing cavities for safe boat boarding and relaxation. Its modularity allows varied layouts, enhancing stability further. Unlike competitors' designs that decrease stability, our 4' corner sections add to the system's overall stability and flotation capacity. In essence, PolyDock provides unparalleled dock system stability.



No matter where you live or play on the water, from the glacial lakes of the Midwest and the lakes and rivers of the Northeast to the coastlines, marshes, and reservoirs of the Southeast and the rivers and streams of the Pacific Northwest, PolyDock products help you get out and enjoy your time on the water with low-maintenance floating docks, floating docks for jet skis, and dock accessories designed to add value to your lake home, cabin, cottage or camp.

PolyDock is a great choice for nearly any residential floating dock application because its modular design is made to last, highly configurable, and easy to add on as your needs change, plus, PolyDock is easy to own because it requires minimal maintenance. Discover why PolyDock is the best choice for your residential dock application. 


PolyDock is easy to install and includes easy-to-follow, intuitive instructions. So whether you install PolyDock by yourself, or have someone install it for you, you’ll be enjoying your new PolyDock system in no time.


PolyDock can be configured and reconfigured easily so it will adapt as your needs change. PolyDock is perfectly suited to locations with deep, shallow, or fluctuating water conditions.


PolyDock is so easy to own because it’s designed to be low-maintenance. No more painting and power washing your dock system. Simply inspect connections for tightness, and enjoy your time on the water.





PolyDock Products are well suited to a wide variety of commercial applications due to their ease of installation, incredible configurability, and aesthetic appeal. PolyDock Products add value to a wide variety of commercial applications and can positively impact the revenue of marinas, restaurants, campgrounds, and resorts while increasing customer satisfaction by providing a safe, stable, and attractive way for customers to access or be on the water. 

Are you looking to replace your old, worn-out wood or aluminum floating dock system? Are you tired of the constant maintenance and upkeep including painting, staining, and replacing warped decking on your existing marina? Are you a new marina owner, manager, or operations director looking for an easier way to keep your marina looking great while increasing your guest's satisfaction with your facilities? Look no further than the PolyDock dock system. PolyDock is designed to easily install in nearly any waterfront environment and because it is modular, you can replace your old worn-out dock slips as you go.


Your new PolyDock system makes accessing the water more convenient for you, and your customers, so they’ll be more likely to return to your business in the future, and they’ll be more likely to recommend your business to friends and family. More customers mean more revenue potential, and for a business, that’s always a good thing.


When you install a PolyDock system at your business, you are adding an attractive and durable dock system that can add value to your property. You’ll find that PolyDock can require less maintenance and upkeep than a traditional dock system, so your business can save money, while you focus on your customers, not your dock maintenance.


PolyDock is rotationally molded to withstand harsh marine environments in freshwater, saltwater, and brackish water. You’ll be glad you chose to upgrade your high-maintenance dock system with a low-maintenance PolyDock system every time you analyze your business’ expenses. PolyDock’s durability will save you money.




PolyDock Products offer durable and reliable floating dock performance for cities, states, and municipalities’ water-related projects. Whether your project calls for a swimming area at a public beach, an access dock or fishing pier at public water access, or a work platform for environmentally sensitive locations, PolyDock can ensure that you get your project completed on time, and on budget. Because PolyDock is modular, it can accommodate the changing needs of your municipal project throughout the duration of ownership while offering a safe, dependable, and durable dock solution that adds value to the locations where it’s used.


Dependable and reliable products and services are the cornerstones of any municipal project. PolyDock floating dock systems and ShorePort PWC lifts are time-tested and have proven to be both dependable and reliable in large projects all over the United States and Canada. PolyDock is incredibly reliable in freshwater, salt water, and brackish water conditions. Plus, PolyDock requires minimal maintenance so it’s easy to own.



The secret to PolyDock’s success is its modularity. PolyDock can be configured for nearly any municipal application from boat launch docks, to fishing piers, to swim platforms, to trails and walkways for parks and nature preserves. More municipalities are discovering the benefits of PolyDock versatility every day. PolyDock’s modular docking system makes it easy to plan for and implement your next municipal project.



Public safety is at the top of any requirement list for municipal dock projects. PolyDock is among the most stable floating dock systems on the market, making it incredibly safe for many government or municipal applications. PolyDock features a safe and attractive herringbone brick patterned, slip-resistant surface. PolyDock’s connectors and anchorage options contribute to the overall safety of the dock system.


Anchoring Options

PolyDock Products has developed a wide range of anchoring options for your PolyDock floating dock system. Because each dock layout is unique, and each shoreline, lake, river, or ocean bottom will vary from location to location, we offer a number of anchoring options that best fit the PolyDock floating dock system. 



Accessories from PolyDock Products are easy to install on your new or existing PolyDock floating dock system, and they’re easy to enjoy too. Accessories will help you make the most of your time on the water. Choose accessories that help you relax, like dock furniture and fishing rod holders, or choose accessories that keep you closer to your next adventures like the Paddle Sports Storage Rack, or the Canoe / Kayak Launch.


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