ShorePort Studio (Front View)
Drive-On Personal Watercraft Storage


Quick and Convenient Docking

ShorePort is the most convenient way to dry-dock a jet ski. Docking your jet ski is as easy as driving it: a gentle flick of the throttle is all it takes to dock your jet ski. When you’re ready to go out on the water again, simply slide your jet ski off of the dock. In addition to being easy to use and safe for your craft, it’s also safe for you to use: the textured, slip-resistant surface means that you can walk without fear and get on the water faster. Protecting your investment has never been so easy, safe, and reliable.

Easy to Install

The ShorePort Jet Ski Dock, PWC floating dock can be attached to nearly any floating, standing, or wheel-in dock system, making it very easy to add onto your existing boat lift set-up. You can even use the dock as a stand-alone drive-on jet ski dock. Position the ShorePort alongside or perpendicular to your dock system for easy access to your watercraft, or connect multiple docks for additional stability and storage. Like all things ShoreMaster, there are a variety of anchorage and connection options to help incorporate your PWC floating dock into your waterfront.

The Options You Need

Your ShorePort dock will give you years of maintenance-free ownership thanks to modular, rotationally molded construction and high-quality engineering. It has a versatile design that can fit a wide range of waverunners and PWC. The dock has three polyurethane rollers that make loading and launching easy and the midsection rollers are adjustable to accommodate your PWC. The ShorePort has a capacity of 1,150 pounds, but with supplemental flotation in 100-pound increments that capacity can be increased up to 1,450 pounds.

The ShorePort PWC floating dock also has an 8” tie-down cleat. It’s 138” long, 58” wide, and weighs 260 pounds.



  • Safe, and easy loading and launching

  • Textured, slip-resistant surface

  • Maintenance-free ownership

  • 8″ tie-down cleat

  • Three polyurethane rollers allow smooth loading and launching.
    Two mid-section rollers are adjustable to accommodate virtually any PWC, waverunner or jet ski hull style. Rear roller makes for easy transitions from the water to storage on the ShorePort

  • Versatile design fits a wide range of personal watercraft and waverunners




ShorePort 1,150 LB* 138" 58" 260 LB

 *Supplemental flotation is available to increase capacity up to 1,450 lbs (in 100 lb increments)



Easy, Hassle Free Installation

ShorePort is as easy to install as it is to use. With a variety of anchorage and connection options, the ShorePort can be used in nearly any waterfront system setup.



If you are looking for a floating dock system to work with your ShorePort, PolyDock Products is a great, modular hassle-free solution.



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