Full-Length Top and Bottom Composite Material

The top and bottom of the PolyDock dock connector are manufactured from high-density polyethylene to be incredibly durable with the perfect balance of flexibility and stiffness. Each Connector spans the full length or width of the PolyDock section to better transfer wave energy while providing a more durable and secure floating dock connection and improved total dock system stability. PolyDock connectors also float so they will not sink to the bottom of the lake or river if you accidentally drop one during installation.


Composite Connector Rods

Each PolyDock connector uses ultra-durable composite connector rods to secure the top and bottom pieces of the connector together. The composite connector rods are designed to be incredibly durable and remain tight to reduce the chance of loose connectors. The composite connector rods are fastened to the bottom connector to make installation quick and easy.


Connector Hardware

In addition to the composite rods which resist rotting and corrosion, all PolyDock connector hardware is corrosion-resistant stainless steel to provide you with an easy-to-install and long-lasting dock-to-dock connection system. The PolyDock dock connectors are tightened from the top of the dock with an ordinary hand wrench, ratchet, or cordless drill/impact, and do not require you purchase any special installation tools.


The Secret to PolyDock’s history of superior floating dock stability is the design and materials of our dock connection system. PolyDock Connectors span the entire length or width of each dock-to-dock connection point for a secure and clean-looking connection. The High-Density Polyethylene connectors feature the perfect balance of rigidity for strength, and flexibility to allow just enough movement between each dock section without allowing too much movement. This creates an even and flat walking surface even in wind and waves. Combine this with the super firm walking surface of each dock system and you have one of the most stable floating dock systems on the market. Each connection point along the length of the PolyDock floating dock system acts in unison with the strength of the dock sections themselves to allow wave energy to be diffused throughout the entire dock system. This creates incredible durability and a flat, stable walking surface for your residential floating dock or marina.

PolyDock Accessories

Accessories from PolyDock Products are easy to install on your new or existing PolyDock floating dock system. Choose dock accessories that help you relax, like dock furniture and fishing rod holders, or choose accessories that keep you closer to your next adventures like the Paddle Sports Storage Rack, or the Canoe / Kayak Launch.

Anchoring Options

PolyDock Products has developed a wide range of anchoring options for your PolyDock floating dock system. Because each dock layout is unique, and each shoreline, lake, river, or ocean bottom will vary from location to location, we offer a number of anchoring options that best fit the PolyDock floating dock system. 


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