Are there any regulations or permits required for installing a floating boat dock and PWC port in Northern, MN? 

Generally speaking, the installation of a floating dock system on your residential property typically doesn’t require special permits, provided that you adhere to the following regulations:

  • The dock is no wider than 8 feet
  • The dock isn’t combined with other structures that increase its size
  • The dock is exactly the size that it needs to be and no larger
  • The dock doesn’t pose a hazard to navigation, health or safety
  • Adequate water flow is maintained underneath your dock
  • The dock complies with local and government guidelines

What materials are used to build floating boat docks and PWC ports for sale in Northern, MN?

Northern Minnesota has abundant fresh water, which means different materials can be used for floating docks and PWC ports without worrying about the system breaking down. PolyDock Products are made of rotationally molded polyethylene, similar to how whitewater kayaks or some boat hulls are made. Polyethylene ensures that PolyDock modules are consistent, durable, stable, and easy to connect. The light tan color and UV inhibitors further enhance the visual appeal and walkability of PolyDock segments, even after years of use. Polydock Products have the ideal construction and material for use in freshwater and other bodies of water.

An aerial view of PolyDock floating dock

How do I choose the right size and type of floating boat dock and PWC port for my needs?

Designing the perfect dock system starts with you. Consider your preferred water activities, your required space, and the available shoreline—while considering local requirements. When supporting a watercraft with a floating dock for a jet ski or floating boat lift, consider the size of your craft when fully loaded. While your watercraft’s spec sheet provides the dry weight, remember to account for the additional weight of fuel, supplies, and passengers, as it will determine the support needed from your port or dock. To ensure you find the right system and layout, come prepared with a list of requirements and questions for your PolyDock dealer.

Can I install a floating boat dock and PWC port myself, or do I need professional help?

A DIY installation not only helps you save money but also eliminates the time and stress of competing with other boaters to complete your installation before the season begins. The good news for DIY waterfront owners is that you can install a floating boat dock and PWC port yourself, especially if you’re using a PolyDock Products system. Even if you can’t locate the product manual, you can find instructions on the PolyDock website, which means you will have everything you need to get started. For the first-time owner or initial assembly and installation, it’s best to seek professional help. Consult with trained personnel at PolyDock headquarters or your Northern, MN PolyDock dealer for more information.


How does the cold climate of Northern MN affect the durability of the floating boat docks and PWC ports?

PolyDock sections won’t be affected by ice or extremely cold temperatures. Typically, any pressure from ice pushes the dock up rather than in, so it won’t cause any damage. If your area is prone to ice pressure ridges or ice movement, pipes or pilings must be removed. In this case, you should secure your floating dock system by tying it to something sturdy on shore with enough slack to allow for movement. Your Northern, MN dealer can tell you more about the pros and cons of leaving floating boat docks for lakes that freeze or PWC ports in the water during winter.


Are there seasonal offers or discounts available for Northern MN residents?

Depending on the time of year, holiday, or other factors, your local PolyDock dealer might offer sales, offers, or discounts to Northern MN residents. Talk to your local dealer for more information about saving money on your waterfront investment.


What safety precautions should I consider when using a boat dock or PWC port in Northern MN?

The safety precautions you use on a PolyDock aren’t all that different from those you would use on any other dock system in Northern MN. The polyethylene is designed to remain cool in the warm sun and is textured to ensure that walking on your system is comfortable and safe. The dock system is engineered for maximum floating dock stability, making it a very stable walking surface, although please proceed carefully and encourage your family to do so as well.


How does the climate of Southern MN differ in terms of boat dock and PWC port maintenance from Northern MN?

The climate isn’t too different between the locations, although Southern MN gets less snow and extreme weather than Northern MN. That doesn’t mean much when it comes to boat dock and PWC port maintenance, though. No matter where you live, regular inspections, special considerations for winter weather, and more will impact boaters in Northern and Southern MN about the same. Your local PolyDock dealer can give you more insight into any particulars you need to know, including docks for lakes that freeze.


Are there any special offers for repeat customers in Southern MN?

Your local PolyDock dealer will be able to help you more with special offers or discounts. Talk to your Southern MN PolyDock dealer for more information when it’s time to upgrade your system.


How do I prepare my floating boat dock and PWC port for winter in Southern MN?

Preparation will depend on whether you plan to leave your residential floating dock system or PWC port in the water or remove it. Leaving it in the water requires minimal prep — PolyDock products can withstand extreme cold, and ice pressure will push the dock upward on the water's surface rather than crush it from the sides. However, if your area is prone to ice pressure ridges or ice movement, you must remove the pipes or pilings supporting your system so they don’t become damaged. Your dock must be tied off on something secure on the shore with enough slack in the line to allow for movement. You can also completely remove your boat dock from the water and wait until more hospitable weather to reinstall it.


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