Start with the Best Materials

Nothing is completely immune to algae—pretty much anything that sits in the water will eventually have some biological growth. However, when it comes to your boat dock, certain materials can help minimize it. Aluminum and polymers are better at resisting algae growth than materials like wood (although pressure-treated wood fares a little better than wood that isn’t treated), and they’re easier to clean once algae starts growing.

Choose Safe Products

Luckily, safe doesn’t mean expensive or specialty. A lot of the safest cleaning supplies are things you likely already have in your home. When cleaning your boat, dock, or lift system, you need a non-corrosive, phosphate-free cleaning solution: if you have baking soda or water-based dishwashing liquid, you’re already set. Other qualities you should look for include biodegradability and a neutral pH. If you need more suggestions, the EPA’s Sager Choice Standard can help you pick something that’s safe for you and the environment. Use soft cleaning pads or brushes to rub surfaces down. Once you’re done, rinse your boat with water from the top down and your dock surface with a pressure washer.

Avoid Dangerous Products

Remember that anything you clean your boat and dock with will end up in the water. Some cleaning products, even those found in your home, can increase pollution in your water. Nutrient pollution is a particular problem in lakes and streams because of the risk of algae blooms and oxygen depletion. In general, avoid cleaning solutions that contain any of the following:

  • Ammonia
  • Antibacterials or disinfectants
  • Butyl glycol, ethylene glycol, or monobutyl
  • Chlorine bleach
  • Petroleum solvents
  • Phosphorus and phosphates
  • Phthalates

PolyDock Floating Docks

When it comes to long-term value in a modular dock system, you can’t get much better than PolyDock. We built our floating dock systems to go where other docks can’t, with little maintenance required to look great, perform well, and add value to your shoreline. Customization and configurability also contribute to a waterfront system that works the way you need it to. For more information about PolyDock modular floating docks, get in touch with a local PolyDock dealer