The Perks of a Floating Dock System

When weighing the advantages of different dock types, it helps to know more about what your floating dock does best. One of the biggest benefits of a floating dock is an obvious one: it works better in areas where standing or wheel-in docks don’t work as well. Areas with fluctuating water conditions, especially deep water, soft lake, or river bottoms, benefit from having a dock system that doesn’t require piles or legs. However, because of their unique design, you don’t have to compromise on boat dock stability. Because floating docks aren’t attached to the bottom of your water by anything except an anchoring system, they’re very easy to relocate or remove as needed. This makes them easier to manage in inclement weather or for seasonal boaters with a lot of ice on their water (not to mention the money saved on professional installation).


Your dock is an ideal place to get onto your boat, so it makes sense to outfit it with a boat lift to store your boat by the water and add some tie-offs and bumpers for when your boating friends want a place to moor. You can even get launching platforms for smaller PWC if you have a jet ski. However, these aren’t the only accessories you can attach to your floating dock. So many dock accessories on the market that let you maximize the potential for fun, function, and safety. Think about dock ladders or stairs for swimmers and railings to help wet guests stabilize themselves on your deck (even with slip-resistant surfaces, better safe than sorry). Other furniture can give you a quiet retreat out on the water or a place for people to sit during a party. Fishers can benefit from fishing rod holders, cleaning tables, or even a dockside grill to cook the freshest fish you’ll ever eat. Your waterfront dealer will have lots of accessories, so keep your non-boating waterfront activities in mind when considering how to get the most out of your summer on your floating dock system.

Consider Alternate Layouts

When you think of a boat dock, you probably envision a straight platform that leads directly to your boat. However, especially with modular dock sections, there are so many more layout options that you can do—and those options can actually make your dock better to walk on. Consider putting together a dock system shaped like a “T” or “L” with sections off the side or the end of your dock rather than a straight path. This is more visually interesting, and this outward extension will make it easier to keep your balance because straight docks tend to wobble more than docks with extensions, so alternate layouts will also keep you more stable.

PolyDock Floating Dock Systems

PolyDock modular floating docks will help you get closer to your next adventure. We build our docks to go almost anywhere without requiring as much maintenance as our competitors. Our floating dock systems look great, and they perform well for years while also providing you with configurability and customization options you won’t see in many other modular dock systems. For more information, contact a PolyDock dealer in your area