Posted on Oct 14, 2018

An Easy To Install DIY Floating Dock Kit

An Easy To Install DIY Dock System from PolyDock Products

Written by PolyDock Products Marketing
You may have already guessed that PolyDock makes a great DIY dock system, in fact, you may have already installed a PolyDock system on your own, that’s because PolyDock Products dock sections, ShorePort Jet Ski ports, and components really do make a great DIY Dock System.

PolyDock Products are the perfect dock system for the Do It Yourself waterfront property owner.

A DIY dock kit should be easy enough for the average homeowner to assemble and install the dock system within a day. PolyDock can be a great choice as a DIY Dock because there is virtually no assembly of the actual dock sections. PolyDock dock sections are one-piece, rotationally molded DIY docks that ship from the factory ready to install. However, some of the dock connectors, anchorage options, and dock accessories require assembly, but these parts are incredibly easy to manage and include easy-to-follow assembly instructions.

DIY dock installation is quick and easy with PolyDock Products

As a DIY dock system for the “do-it-yourselfer”, PolyDock is great, because installation is quick and easy. Simply connect each dock section together as you float your dock into place and then use the appropriate anchorage options for your location, and you’ll be relaxing on your new PolyDock DIY floating dock system in no time. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better DIY dock system anywhere. The video to the left shows just one idea of how to install the PolyDock DIY dock system, and though the video is a bit dated, the information is still pretty good. One thing to note though is that you don’t need to get in the water to install the PolyDock DIY dock system depending on your waterfront location.


PolyDock DIY Dock Components Give The Added Convenience of a DIY Floating Dock System

Because PolyDock sections are constructed as a one-piece rotationally molded, they are designed to be incredibly durable and work as a floating dock. Their size and weight may make them a bit awkward to handle and should be considered too heavy for an individual to move around on their own, so your biggest challenge may be finding at least one other person to help you get your new PolyDock DIY dock system into place. Take a look at the assembly and installation instructions to the left to understand why PolyDock makes a great DIY Dock system.


Save time and money with a PolyDock DIY floating dock

Because it’s a floating dock system, you generally won’t be installing your dock system season after season, so you’ll save time and money on annual dock installation and removal costs. PolyDock is known throughout the industry for its attractive brick patterned surface and superior floating dock stability, so you’ll be buying the best DIY Floating Dock system available. Get Started today! Design your DIY dock system today and you could be installing it tomorrow.

For More Information on DIY Dock Systems from PolyDock Products, check out the DIY Dock Page


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