Posted on April 18, 2024

How to Properly Dock and Secure Your Jet Ski on a Floating Dock

How to Properly Dock and Secure Your Jet Ski on a Floating Dock

Written by PolyDock Products Marketing

Master the art of docking and securing your jet ski on a floating dock with expert tips and techniques. Ensure safety and convenience for your watercraft.

Modern floating docks are one of the most convenient and fastest ways to get your jet ski in and out of the water. But while their drive-on, roll-off design might seem simple enough for seasoned jet ski riders, less experienced ones must still exercise caution. 

In this article, we highlight some key considerations and essential steps you must keep in mind to secure your personal watercraft (PWC) while avoiding damage to your floating dock. 

How to park a jet ski on floating dock

If you’re at a marina, be mindful of the no-wake zone, buoy etiquette, and do’s and don’ts specific to the environment. And above all, always pay attention to your surroundings. This includes water and weather conditions, other vessels in the vicinity, and nearby wildlife.

Take it slow: When riding your PWC onto a modern jet ski floating dock like the HydroPort Extreme, the most important thing to remember is not to approach the dock too fast. 

Approach at idle speed: As you approach, align the jet ski directly with the center of the floating dock so that you’re in line with the tracking lanes and rollers.

Throttle control: When the nose of the PWC contacts the floating dock, give it a slight throttle — just enough to power the watercraft onto the port and let the rollers do their job.

Remember, it’s much better to not use enough throttle, back off, and try again than to overshoot the floating dock and hit the mooring or winch post — which causes damage to the vessel. If you think the rollers aren’t working, they might need adjustment to suit the size of your PWC. 

Turn it off: Before dismounting, turn off the engine and release the key from your vest. Take the key with you. 

Practice: For some users, dry docking might take some practice. Until you’re completely comfortable, use extreme caution to avoid damaging the hull, the floating dock, or injuring yourself. 

Once you’ve docked a few times, you’ll get a feel for it and find drive-on floating docks like the HydroPort Epic are really simple and convenient to use. 

How to secure jet ski to floating dock

Unless someone else will be using the PWC right after you, it’s always best to secure it to the floating dock. This ensures the jet ski doesn’t slip off should the water get rough or choppy. 

Tether the PWC: Use dock lines to secure the jet ski to the floating dock. Attach them to secure points on the PWC and fasten them to cleats or other secure fixtures on the dock. 

Remember, always attach dock lines and cords to the dedicated points on your PWC. These are usually the tow hook, grab handles, and the bow and stern eyes. Avoid tethering your jet ski to the handlebars, mirrors, or any other place not designed for tethering.

Check stability: Give the PWC a gentle push to check for any excessive movement. This ensures the vessel is securely attached and stable on the floating dock. 

Of course, you also need to ensure that your floating dock for PWC is equally secure. PolyDock makes this easy by allowing you to mount their jet ski docks from the side or front to virtually any docking system. 

Points of note:

While we don’t recommend leaving your jet ski unattended on your floating dock, there are instances where this simply isn’t possible. For those situations, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Never leave the key attached to the PWC. People often take out the key but leave the life jacket on the jet ski with the key still attached. Before leaving the watercraft, take the key with you at all times. 
  • Use a cable lock if you must leave the jet ski on a floating dock for a few hours. Most PWCs have attachments for this purpose in the front or rear. We recommend a combination lock, so there’s no risk of dropping the key in the water. 
  • Avoid leaving your PWC on the floating dock for more than a few hours. If you think you’ll be gone that long, trailer it out of the water and store it somewhere safe. 

Get in touch with one of our local dealers for PolyDock’s range of anchoring options. We’ll help secure your PWCs with solutions specific to your waterfront conditions and dock layout.   

How to get jet ski off floating dock

If you get an innovative dry dock for jet ski like the ShorePort, you’ll find there’s no easier way to get in the water faster.  

Prepare for launch: Remove any covering and inspect the watercraft for any visible signs of damage. If everything looks good, disconnect all tethers or dock lines.

Step onto the side of the floating dock: Walk as far to the rear as possible while pulling the handlebar with one hand. The rollers and the PWC’s weight will gently roll it off the floating dock.   

Mount it: Step onto the watercraft as it slowly slides into the water. Mount the jet ski and lean back in the seat. Pull on the handlebar to move the jet ski backward and away from the jet ski floating dock. 

Start it up: Once it’s in the water and away from the floating PWC dock, turn the engine on and enjoy your time on the water. 

PolyDock Products’ range of floating ports allows you to maximize your time on the water with the quickest and most convenient way to dry dock and launch your PWC. 

For more information on floating docks for jet skis and other innovative waterfront solutions, get in touch with us. We’ll connect you with the dealer closest to your waterfront property. 


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