Low-Maintenance Care

Unlike natural wood decking, polyethylene is resistant to rot, mildew, and other water-related damage. It also doesn’t require refinishing every few years as wood does. The only maintenance required is the occasional wash with soap and water and regular tightening of connectors and anchorage. 

Resistance to the Elements

PolyDock’s resin is a light tan, which means that the dock sections reflect more UV rays than darker colors and naturally last longer in the face of color fading. We also have different levels of UV protection, from the light tan color of natural protection to heavy-duty active UV protection in the form of UV-8 inhibitors. This also means that PolyDock is just as cool in the hot summer months as any other material, and the gaps in the herringbone surface’s brick-like pattern allow airflow to keep the surface cool. You don’t even need to worry if your area freezes because PolyDock sections aren’t typically affected by ice or extreme cold temperatures.

Environmentally Friendly

Polyethylene dock systems from PolyDock are incredibly durable, low-maintenance, and molded from materials that don’t rot, corrode, or release chemicals into the water. Because PolyDock is a floating dock system, it also minimally affects the bottom of the water. Because the sections of PolyDock are hollow and not foam-filled, in the unlikely event that the section is damaged, there’s no risk of polystyrene beads escaping from the dock into the water.

Safe and Sturdy

Durability is one of the most important parts of safety, but PolyDock doesn’t sacrifice comfort or easy footing. PolyDock composite connectors span the entire length or width of where they’re connected, meaning that the entire dock system rises and falls in unison rather than each individual part moving around in the waves. The “kiss-offs” molded into each dock section that fuses the decking surface to the float structures also create a firm walking surface by creating suction between the dock section and the water’s surface. The herringbone brick pattern is designed for a slip-resistant surface even when wet, and the polyethylene won’t impact the finish on your watercraft.

PolyDock Products’ Polyethylene Boat Docks

Every modular docking system you get from PolyDock has a polyethylene single cavity, hollow (not foam-filled) float structure with an integrated deck surface and flotation. It features a herringbone brick pattern to allow for water drainage from the surface and sturdy walls to ensure durability even on harsh shorelines. Combine the well-designed look and performance of a PolyDock boat dock system with some dock accessories and you’re well on your way to the perfect waterfront getaway right in your own backyard! Get in touch with a local PolyDock dealer to learn more!