Okay, so we’re a little bit biased toward the PolyDock floating docks, not only because they look great, seriously, they look GREAT; just look through this gallery of Poly Dock floating docks shot recently throughout South Jersey (Mays Landing, Atlantic City, Ocean City, Ventnor, Margate City, and beyond) and tell us what is plastic floating dock looks better?

All floating docks have to float. You probably need to be able to tie or moor a boat or jet ski along the side of the floating dock, too, right? Your floating dock should also be anchored in a way that allows it to adjust to changing water levels and remain in place in front of your property, right? All floating docks need to offer or be able to accommodate some transition between the shore and the dock, or the dock and another dock or structure in the form of a ramp or gangway, right? All floating docks need to be able to accomplish these things because they are the base expectation required for a floating dock; these things are pretty much the price of admission. PolyDock floating dock systems and ShorePort jetski ports from PolyDock products do all of these things incredibly well, probably even better than most of the other floating dock brands out there.

There are a lot of things that floating docks don’t necessarily need to be. For instance; A floating dock doesn’t NEED to look nice or have a premium feel and texture; look, at least it floats! A floating dock technically doesn’t HAVE to be incredibly stable, some dock designs can’t achieve good stability, but hey, you can tie your boat alongside it, right? A floating dock doesn’t NEED to be easy to own or maintain, just as long as it’s accomplishing its job of remaining in place in front of your property with your boat tied alongside it, right?

The point here is that there are things that a floating dock system MUST be, and then there are things that, at least we think, a floating dock SHOULD be. When you search floating dock systems for your South Jersey waterfront property, the house at the shore, marina, restaurant, or lake place, you will find many dock systems that only offer you the basic requirements of a floating dock. We know you want more than that; you want your South Jersey floating dock system to look good. Actually, good isn’t good enough; you want your dock to be the best looking dock at the shore, you want your dock to be incredibly stable and feel like a premium system when you walk on it, you want your dock to take up as little of your time as possible for maintenance and repairs. You want the best floating dock in New Jersey. All you need is a PolyDock floating dock system.

Need help buying or installing a floating dock in the South Jersey Area?

Call Matt or Sam at Mobile Watercraft and Poly Docks of NJ. They have the experience and professionalism to help you choose the right system for your property and are authorized to work on a wide range of existing floating dock systems in South Jersey. They can service everything from PolyDock Products to EZ Doc to wood floating docks. And Poly Docks of NJ can get you set up with a new  PolyDock floating dock system or ShorePort jetski port with first class sales, service, delivery, and installation.