Posted on July 27, 2023

Floating Docks Sale: Upgrade Your Waterfront with Floating Docks for Sale 

Floating Docks Sale: Upgrade Your Waterfront with Floating Docks for Sale

Written by PolyDock Products Marketing

A durable, high-quality floating dock might be just the thing your waterfront needs to elevate it to the next level. Consider upgrading your shore with a PolyDock modular floating dock system that’s low-maintenance, attractive, and compatible with all the things you enjoy doing on the water.

Upgrade Your Waterfront with Our Top-Quality Floating Docks for Sale


PolyDock modular floating dock systems are a great fit for a range of waterfronts and shoreline real estate owners. From commercial marina owners to waterfront veterans to new homeowners looking to invest in a new hobby, a floating dock is a great addition to enhance the beauty of waterfront real estate.

a boat is surrounded by Polydock floating dock

What are floating docks, and why should I consider purchasing one?

Floating dock systems are unique dock systems where the decking is attached or built into frames on top of flotation rather than sitting on legs or piles. Floating dock systems use buoyancy to stay on top of the water instead of submerging. They are secured in place using various anchorage systems to keep them from floating away. 

This offers several advantages that dock systems with legs or piles can’t offer. One advantage is that the water depth and condition of the bottom are not major concerns. Some water is too deep for sectional dock systems with legs or any dock system on piles to reach, while some bottoms might be too unstable, uneven, rocky, muddy, or fragile to risk relying on legs to support them. The anchors that floating docks use to stay in place allow them to be used in a wider range of spaces compared to other types of docks. 

Additionally, floating docks have the advantage of adjusting to dramatic changes in water level, making them ideal for areas with seasonal fluctuations, dock accessories, and features that require electricity and should not be submerged.

What types of floating docks do you offer for sale?

PolyDock offers modular docking systems and floating PWC ports. Both dock modules and ports are rotationally molded from marine-grade polyethylene that looks great, performs well, and is specifically designed for any waterfront condition. These modules are highly durable because they are one hollow piece of polymer. If they sustain damage somehow, there would be nothing inside the floats to leach into and damage the surrounding water. 

The tan color of the polymer used in floating docks provides a pleasant walking surface, and it resists harmful UV rays due to its color and the characteristics of the polymers used in its construction. The modules are molded with recessed air pockets underneath them, allowing each dock section to cling to the water’s surface like a suction cup. This feature offers unmatched stability and security for those walking on floating docks.

How do I determine which size of floating dock to purchase?

The size of your boat dock depends on the available space and its intended use. Ask yourself several questions: How much shoreline space do you have available for the dock? Are there any specific local regulations or restrictions regarding dock placement, such as distance from the shore or width limitations? Do you plan to use your dock as a simple walkway out to your boat, or do you have grand plans of transforming it into an outdoor entertainment space for your summer gatherings? Do you have waterfront hobbies other than boating and jet skiing? What kind of boat dock accessories are you hoping to incorporate onto your waterfront, and will you need extra space for those?

The more information you can give your local PolyDock dealer, the better. Your PolyDock dealer is well-equipped to make product recommendations based on your desired dock aesthetics, specific requirements, and intended activities on the dock.

However, with PolyDock, the decisions you make today don’t have to be the decisions you stick with for years to come. Our boat dock systems are modular, and the connections are simple to use, so it’s possible to change your dock design whenever you decide to expand, add more accessories, or try a different layout. The possibilities are nearly endless, so talk to your local PolyDock dealer today!


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