Posted on August 17, 2023

Tampa Boat Docks: Boat Docks & PWC Docks for Sale in Tampa & St. Petersburg | PolyDock Products

Tampa Boat Docks: Boat Docks & PWC Docks for Sale in Tampa & St. Petersburg | PolyDock Products

Written by PolyDock Products Marketing

Your Tampa Bay, FL waterfront wouldn’t be complete without a boat dock, PWC dock, or other waterfront accessories. Make the most of your shoreline lifestyle with high-quality floating dock options and dock accessories from PolyDock dealers in your area.

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Tampa Boat Docks & Jet Ski Docks for Sale in Florida

Florida is a great place to be a boater, and Tampa and St. Petersburg are great places to set up your waterfront. PolyDock dealers in the Tampa area get a lot of questions about floating dock installation, choices, and more. We have the answers to the more common questions.

Are permits required for installing a boat dock in Tampa?

Most residential floating dock system owners are in luck when it comes to installation in Tampa, FL. A non-commercial, private dock covering less than 500 square feet of surface over the water may not require a permit. However, ensuring that the project does not fall under the Aquatic Preserve design criteria is essential. Keep in mind that the square footage accounts for canopies, decking, roofs, and other dock features. Furthermore, these considerations assume you don’t have an HOA or another local body to seek approval from. Your local PolyDock dealer can help you with more specific regulations and criteria as they understand the water in your area. It’s also wise to be extra cautious when dealing with permits, rules, and regulations.

How do I choose the right boat dock for my needs?

The right boat dock for your needs depends on the activities you do or plan to do on the water and your waterfront conditions. If you have a jet ski, a floating dock for jet ski system makes sense, although it wouldn’t work as well for someone looking to hoist a tritoon. Before shopping for your boat dock system, carefully examine your waterfront. Consider the following factors:

  • Assess how much space you have to work with
  • Determine whether your water is rough or smooth
  • Check if the water level remains fairly consistent or if it experiences significant fluctuations
  • Check to see if your bottom has a steep drop-off or a composition that makes certain types of docks problematic (i.e., too rocky or muddy for legs or piles)
  • Determine how you will use your boat (i.e., a way to walk out to your boat, fishing, relaxing, or entertaining) 

Brainstorm what your dream dock looks like and what you would do on it. Next, take those plans to your PolyDock dealer to get started. Your dealer can provide personalized recommendations to make your dreams a reality.

Can I install a boat dock in any body of water?

Luckily, a floating dock is easy to install in many bodies of water — even more so if you get your system from a high-quality manufacturer like PolyDock. Floating dock systems are easy to install onshore and move out into the water due to their lightweight quality, as well as their ability to adjust to changing water conditions. It’s even possible to perform the installation yourself if you’re a handy person. However, not all boat docks work for all types of water. It’s important to know your water conditions so you can provide that information to your local dealer to ensure that your personalized recommendations will be suitable.

If you’re a first-time boat dock owner or you value peace of mind and convenience over doing the installation yourself, your local PolyDock dealer can help you with installation. Our website also has installation instructions for our products available for download. Our customer support team can also answer any questions you have at any point during the installation process.


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