When it comes to adding to an existing dock system, you have many options to choose from. One of the most obvious choices for any waterfront property owner that wants to add onto an existing dock is to simply add more of the same style or brand of the dock that you already have. This is really a “no brainer”. However, there are other, less obvious choices, and now is as good of a time as any to consider them.

Floating Docks Can Be A Great Way To Extend Your Existing Dock System

Floating Docks, Like the PolyDock floating dock and ShorePort drive-on jetski ramp offer many benefits when you want to add to an existing standing or wheel-in dock system. One of the many benefits of using a floating dock system like PolyDock is the ability to quickly and easily move the extension around your existing dock. To make changes, you simply remove the floating portion from its anchorage, float it into position in its new location, and re-anchor it. It’s that simple.

Exploring innovative maritime solutions, Forsythe and Ohlwiler (Forsythe & Ohlwiler, 1994) dive into precast concrete floating docks, highlighting their durability and adaptability for various maritime applications. This underscores the potential of using robust materials for long-lasting, versatile dock solutions. Ramli and Sobri (Ramli & Sobri, 2018) further examine the engineering behind floating dry docks, emphasizing design and analysis to enhance maritime operations, aligning with PolyDock's commitment to offering flexible and efficient docking solutions.

Using A Floating Dock For A Special Event Like Weddings, Concerts, or Triathlons

Floating Docks like PolyDock Products modular system can also be used as a temporary dock solution.  For instance, a USA Triathalon Race Director, or event promoter might use PolyDock for a temporary dock system for the swim portion of a major triathlon, or a band might use PolyDock as a floating stage either temporarily, permanently, or at different bodies of water throughout an entire summer! To see PolyDock in action as a floating stage check out the Rock Out With Your Dock Outpost from our blog.


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