Prepare Before the Season

A little preparation now can save you from disaster later on. You’ll also be able to spend more time enjoying the water than resolving problems that came up during installation. Regardless of whether you’re using professional installation or getting help from friends you're paying in pizza, call them to ensure that they can commit to the installation before boating season gets closer and everyone starts getting busier. Refuel your boat and stock up on everything from safety gear to snacks. Renew any licenses or permits that you need to. The closer boating season gets, the harder it will be to ensure that everything you need to get or do happens in time. Spend more time boating and less time waiting for restocks, appointments, or repairs!

Follow the Instructions

Even (and especially) if it looks straightforward. Manufacturers know their products the best, so follow their instructions to keep your dock from breaking down on the water. Making sure that nails and screws are where they’re supposed to be and that you’re following instructions is one of the best ways to save your dock, boat, and accessories from unexpected repairs or replacements. If you’ve lost the instructions that came with your boat dock, your dealer will most likely have the instructions on their website to reference, so there’s no excuse not to follow the directions!

Choose Easy Installation

You might not have to reinstall a permanent dock every season, but that doesn’t mean that boat dock installations have to be an ordeal every year. A dock that’s easy to install is going to start your season off right. Modular docks, like those made by PolyDock, make the assembly and seasonal installation process easy. Modular boat docks are lightweight and straightforward to put together onshore and move into the water. Because PolyDocks are floating docks, they’re even easier to install because they don’t require legs or anything beyond an anchor to keep in place and won’t need to be manually adjusted for changes in the water level. If you get stuck at any stage of the installation process, you can also get advice from your boat lift manufacturer or authorized dealer—they will know your boat dock better than anyone else. Plus, a little expert help can go a long way toward a quick, safe, and successful installation.

As seasonal boaters that make our home in Minnesota, PolyDock understands the struggles of seasonal boaters. That’s why we create boat docks that stand up to the elements and are easy to own, use, and install. If you’re planning to install a modular or pwc dock, accessories or replacement parts, contact the dealers before the summer season heats up. Get in touch with PolyDock today.