HydroPort Pro
Affordable Quality with the HydroPort Pro

For a basic floating dock for jet skis, the HP Pro is a good choice. It features front and side mounting options to attach to your dock or other HP Pro units. Its in-line rollers have limited adjustability to help accommodate your watercraft and its bow stop allows for gentle docking.

The HydroPort Pro makes cleaning, maintaining, and boarding your PWC as effortless as easing it onto the platform or into the water. The HydroPort Pro is a small manual jet ski lift launch designed to accommodate virtually any brand or type of shorter-end PWC under 1,600 pounds. HydroPort Pro PWC docks give you peace of mind, knowing that your PWC is well-protected against the weather, rough wake, or sinking at the dock. They can be used with virtually any dock setup and have various options for anchorage and connections. The HydroPort Pro PWC dock can be attached to nearly any floating, standing, or wheel-in dock system. It can be attached alongside or perpendicular to your dock system, used as a stand-alone drive-on dock or connected to other HydroPort Pro platforms.


  • Ultra-tough polyethylene construction

  • In-line rollers make launching easy

  • Patented bow bumper and molded-in tie-down

  • Front- or side-mount for both fixed and floating docks

  • Connecting hardware links multiple front-mounted units together (optional)

  • Available in blue

  • Maximum Capacity: 1,625 lbs

  • Overall Length: 162" / 4.11m; Overall Width: 70" / 1.78m


HydroPort Pro

1,625 lbs

737.08 kg





270 lbs

122.47 kg




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