Watersport Rack: Canoe or Kayak Rack for Dock

Get back on the water faster with the Watersport Rack. Store your paddleboard, kayak or canoe off of your dock for easy storage and access to all your watersport accessories. Choose between a single or double rack and attach anywhere along the perimeter of your dock to accommodate your setup and needs. 


  • Single or Double Rack Available
  • PolyDock Accessory System Compatible
  • Can hold a varied of watersport equipment including: paddle boards, kayak, and canoes
  • Available as a Single or Double Unit (double unit shown)
  • Requires 2 PolyDock Accessory Brackets for attachment to PolyDock dock



Installation instructions are available for all PolyDock docks, boat lifts and accessories. Please reference installation instructions for individual products and/or coordinating products listed in specifications. Local dealers and our Customer Support Team are also available to help answer any questions.

Watersports Rack