Dock Handrail

Adding handrails to your dock system is a great way to improve the functionality or increase the safety of using your dock. Handrails help you turn nearly any dock system into a fishing pier or scenic rest area on the water. PolyDock handrails are manufactured from high-quality aluminum and precision welded so they are easy to install and are designed to be incredibly durable in nearly any waterfront environment.


  • Aluminum, precision welded construction
  • Available in 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’, 8’, or 10’ lengths


  • 3' - 8' lengths requires 2 Accessory Brackets for attachment to PolyDock dock
  • 10' length requires 3 Accessory Brackets for attachment to PolyDock dock



Installation instructions are available for all PolyDock docks and accessories. Please reference installation instructions for individual products and/or coordinating products listed in specifications. Local dealers and our Customer Support Team are also available to help answer any questions.



Dock Handrail