Posted on July 20, 2023

Floating Boat Dock: The Benefits & Why You Need a Floating Dock for Your Boat

Floating Boat Dock: The Benefits & Why You Need a Floating Dock for Your Boat

Written by PolyDock Products Marketing

Enhance Your Waterfront Lifestyle with a Floating Boat Dock: Why You Need One

A boat dock makes sense for waterfront real estate owners. Having a personal boat dock system in your backyard allows you to have a walkway out to your boat and a convenient platform to use and enjoy for various water activities. With your own dock, you no longer have to rely on public launches, ramps, or docks for boating, fishing, and anything else you enjoy doing on the water.

Buying a floating dock is beneficial in the following scenarios:

  • If your waterfront isn’t well-suited for a traditional boat dock set-up
  • If the bottom is uneven, rocky, or muddy, making it tricky for dock systems that involve legs
  • If the water is too deep for legs or piles to reach the very bottom
  • If the water level by your shoreline fluctuates pretty dramatically throughout the boating season, making it impossible to predict the water level to set up your legs

Floating dock systems provide all the benefits of a boat dock while being more flexible than some other dock styles. Floating boat docks, secured with anchors, offer the advantage of being suitable for deeper water or areas with uneven bottoms. Unlike docks with legs that require reaching the bottom and leveling, floating docks can easily adapt to various water depths and bottom conditions. The biggest advantage of floating docks is that they can automatically adjust to changes in water level. This is great for fluctuating water levels, especially if you use electrical components that can’t be submerged.

A floating dock would be a great addition to the right waterfront. A PolyDock dealer can help you determine whether it’s a good fit for your waterfront. We have answers to common questions that boaters have about floating boat docks for sale.

Are your floating docks easy to install?

PolyDock floating dock systems are very easy to install for the confident boat owner and a few other adult friends. Your PolyDock system has an instruction booklet that we strongly recommend you read through completely before beginning the installation process. If you lose the instruction booklet, we also have instructions for download on our website for all our floating dock systems and accessories.

As for the actual installation, nothing about PolyDock requires specialized tools or hardware that isn’t already available or included. All you need to attach PolyDock modules and accessories are basic tools you can find in your standard home toolbox, such as wrenches or screwdrivers.

Whether it’s your first time installing a boat dock on your waterfront or you’re a first-time PolyDock customer, we recommend getting assistance from a professional for the initial set-up. Working with a professional is worth the investment and extra peace of mind, even if you're a confident DIYer.  

When communicating with your local PolyDock dealer, you can arrange installation services to ensure a smooth and successful installation process. Discussing your installation needs with the dealer during or after your purchase will help ensure everything is coordinated effectively. If you have questions or need clarification on some steps, contact PolyDock to get the answers you need to ensure your dock system is installed properly.

What kind of maintenance do your floating docks require?

For most PolyDock systems, the answer is little to no maintenance. Unlike wood or composites, the polyethylene used in PolyDock floating dock modules doesn’t require as much maintenance to look and perform great year after year. The modules can be cleaned with gentle soap and water when necessary, which is sufficient to keep them looking beautiful. 

Like any other dock system or large investment, regular inspections and maintenance are key to long-term health. Ensure that you’re inspecting and tightening the modular docking systems connectors and anchorage when needed, and your floating dock system will perform at its best for years. Caring for individual dock accessories varies, but you can expect high-quality accessories that will last years if maintained properly.

PolyDock aims to provide you with dock accessories, docks, lifts, and other waterfront solutions that serve as the perfect connection to your boat and the water. With the proper care and maintenance, PolyDock products look great and perform well for years—even if you decide to make upgrades or changes along the way. If you need help with any part of your PolyDock system or have questions, contact your local PolyDock Products dealer for answers.


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