Posted on November 10, 2022

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Boat Dock

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Boat Dock

Written by PolyDock Products Marketing

All boat owners can use a boat dock, but not every boat dock is perfect for every shoreline. Before you buy your dock, go out to your water and think about what exactly it is you need. Your boat dock will likely be as unique as your waterfront. These four points can help you get started.

Water Type

What kind of water is your boat dock sitting in? Is it calm or rough? Deep or shallow, or does it fluctuate throughout the season and year? Saltwater or fresh? The type of water you’re on will determine which materials and style of dock you’re using.

Your Boat

You’re going to be storing your boat on a boat lift (right?), but the boat you have will still affect your dock choice. PWC ports and other boat lifts can be attached directly to some modular docks, and some docks come in sections that can let you create an artificial slip directly into your dock layout. Also, consider those modular or sectional options in general—it might be handy to have a changeable layout if you expand your fleet someday.

Decking and Materials

Your boat dock needs to stand up to the seasonal rigors while being nice to stand and walk on. While many materials fulfill the function well, think about your priorities. Do you like the look and feel of wood decking, value the maintenance and durability of aluminum, or want the durability but budget-consciousness of polyethylene or other polymers?

Seasonal Considerations

Seasonal weather changes mean thinking more about what boat dock will work with your waterfront. Long-term winter storage, especially in regions with a lot of snow and ice, is a consideration for the seasonal boater. Your boat dock must withstand frigid temperatures and be easy to install and remove before the ice sets in.

Do you still have questions about your boat dock options? PolyDock products waterfront experts can help you with your next waterfront project or update! 


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