Buy Now, or at Least Soon

Dealers and suppliers are still running into supply chain issues and dealing with backorders, so it’s best to order your summertime essentials as soon as possible. Now is the time to buy if you need new or replacement parts or dock accessories, flotation devices or life jackets for kids that outgrew their old ones, or an upgrade to any part of your waterfront.Also, keep in mind other essentials like fire extinguishers and first aid kits that might have expired since last year. You don’t want to miss out on a fun summer because you procrastinated on getting your waterfront pieces together.

Get That Installation Scheduled

Dealers are getting busier as summer approaches, and you don’t want to wait until the last minute for installation. If you’re going with the pros, call them as soon as possible to ensure that you’re on the calendar for your boat dock installation and maintenance. Even if you’re going to call a few friends to help you haul your dock out into the water, make sure that you set those plans now before they start making waterfront plans of their own with their loved ones.

Do Some Cleaning

Your boat, lift, and dock system all need a little love and care once out of storage. Roll up your sleeves, brush off the cobwebs, and start looking for areas that need to be fixed. Give everything a good cleaning, restock necessary supplies, get fresh fuel and lubrication in the systems, and get everything in working order before summer gets here.

Imagine Your Perfect Day

But don’t stop there—think about what could make that perfect day a reality. Consider what you’ve done in the past, any regrets you might have, or anything you wish you could have done differently. Now’s the best time to figure out which changes to make to avoid repeat issues.

PolyDock is full of seasonal boaters (we’re in Minnesota!), so we understand what preparing for the summer really means. Our boat docks are designed to stand up to the elements of all seasons while still being easy to own, use, and install, whether you’re doing it once or once a year. If you’re gearing up for summer, consider getting in touch with PolyDock for your dock, accessories, replacement parts, and more.